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Welcome to Perseverance Preparatory School

Welcome to Perseverance Prep!

Our Mission

Perseverance Preparatory School prepares scholars in grades 5-8 through rigorous academics, targeted instruction, and service learning for a life of ethical leadership and scholarly success. 

We began this year with one goal in mind: to relentlessly pursue an excellent education for the students of San Jose. The heart of Silicon Valley houses some of the world’s most innovative companies and markets. We must build excellent schools so that our San Jose students can tap into these professions after receiving a top-notch education that places them firmly on the path to scholarly success. 


We at Perseverance Prep are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring our students receive an excellent education. In the fall of 2019, 60 students entered the school. In 2023, they will graduate as ethical leaders and scholars. We are determined to ensure our students understand the importance of intellectual discipline and servant leadership. We will grow the leaders of tomorrow

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