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Our Staff and Faculty


Ms. Reid joins us with over two decades of experience in education. Originally from the East coast, Ms. Reid began her career in education in 2002 as a New York City Teaching Fellow in an underserved, predominantly Latino neighborhood in The Bronx, New York. She transitioned from a public school to a Brooklyn, NY charter school as a Dean of Instruction and worked towards decimating the achievement gap with proven data results for four consecutive years. In her pursuit to continue to impact the lives of students, Ms. Reid relocated to San Jose, CA and became the Assistant Principal at Alpha Cornerstone Academy where she increased student mastery on NWEA MAP by 20%. She then transitioned to the ACE Empower team as Principal and secured a 5 year Charter Renewal during the Pandemic. Ms. Reid holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, a Master's of Science in Education, and is credentialed in NY and CA. She is excited to bring her wealth of instructional knowledge as well as systems and routines to the new role of Executive Director for Perseverance Preparatory School.

Executive Director
Lisamarie Reid

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Mr. Navarro is from San Diego, he moved to the Bay area to leave his mother’s nest and see what is out there for him. Ever since then, he has gone through several roles in life where he has adopted so many skills. Such as leadership skills, communication skills, great customer service, patience, and great problem-solving techniques. In 2022, he embarked on a wellness journey to discover who he was and embraced that by creating a podcast. While building a brand was not easy, it helped him think outside the box and show him what he could do when times are difficult - never giving up and persevering even when times are rough. His message for the world is to show love and to simply live every day like if it were your last.  Life is full of color, therefor use every crayon in the Crayola box and paint your canvas.

Guessner Obed Navarro Office Manager

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Ms. Cruz, a San Jose native, is a full-time student at Evergreen Valley College pursuing an Associates degree with an emphasis in Health Science. After finishing her AA, she plans to transfer to Foot Hill College to work toward her Bachelors in Health Science and work as a pediatric dental hygienist. She finds joy in instilling students with the confidence they need to face the world. She is very grateful to be a part of the Perseverance Prep community

Rosa Cruz 
Office Assistant

Ms. Torres is a dedicated educator serving the hispanic community of San Jose. Her journey began in the Mayfair district where she used her fluency in both Spanish and English to support families and students with Special Education Services. She believes in inclusive practices and equity for all students. Ms. Torres received a bachelors of science in communicative disorders from San Francisco State University. She continued her education at SJSU with a masters in special education and a mild to moderate disabilities teaching credential. 

Andrea Torres
SPED Coordinator

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Levy Zamora Jr

Mr. Zamora began his teaching career back in 2011 joining a team of educators helping students understand mathematical concepts and reading comprehension through video calls and online. He joined Americorps in San Jose State University where he was assigned to work at Harry Slonaker Academy, where he was a teacher’s assistant from kindergarten to 6th grade. He then worked at Rocketship, Mateo Sheedy, where he was part of a pilot program of learning specialists. Afterward, he began his journey working in higher education working at multiple colleges and universities as well as private schools. He has two Associate Degrees in Cal State University Studies, Communication Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication, a Master’s degree in Communication and Leadership studies, and he is a Phd Candidate for Human and Growth Development Studies at Fielding Graduate University. He is currently working on his multiple subject and special education credential. He loves working with students of varying backgrounds and is an ongoing learner. His philosophy focuses on opportunities for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

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Mr. Ruiz is a California Native, experiencing the West Coast to its fullest from the Bay Area to SoCal to Las Vegas and back. He has 6 years experience in education and a graduate of CSU Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. His hobbies include Sports, Hiking, and Family time. He believes that each individual has the potential to surpass themselves and those around them.

Anthony Ruiz

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Mr. G is a recent college graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and he is excited to begin his career in education at Perseverance Prep.  As a Bay Area Native, he loves working with students of diverse backgrounds.  He is excited to give back to the local community and help the next generation succeed. 

Matthew Gursky

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Mr. Martinez is born and raised in San Jose. He is a full time personal trainer with 9 years of football experience, and other sports along the way. With the knowledge he has gained from different sports he plans on using fitness as a tool to give the youth real world skills, to know what to expect from life, and build both mental and physical strength. 

Fidel Martinez
Life & Fitness Coach

Founder of Perseverance Preparatory School, Ms. LeeNatali began working with high school students at Downtown College Preparatory School on the Alameda, then joined Teach For America and taught at Cornerstone Academy Preparatory School (“Cornerstone”) in the Franklin-McKinley School District. Cornerstone, a 2014 California Distinguished School located within the boundaries of San Jose, was also founded by a Fellow with Building Excellent Schools. At Cornerstone, Ms. LeeNatali taught 2nd, 5th, and 6th grades, piloted a leadership curriculum based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, served on the school’s Hiring Committee, and contributed as Master Teacher for the pilot Teacher Residency Program. Ms. LeeNatali also served as Manager of Operations and Culture as well as Site Director at Teach For America’s intensive summer training program for two years. Bringing a deep commitment to the students and families of San Jose and a regional as well as national network of training and support from Building Excellent Schools, Ms. LeeNatali earned a BA in Law and Social Justice, as well as a BS in Psychology, and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Loyola Marymount University. 

Alex LeeNatali

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