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Our Core Beliefs

Highly Structured Data Driven Culture: Every minute of every lesson matters. In order to maximize learning time, Perseverance Prep will ensure every instructional decision is data driven, so that our instructional time is spent strategically. We believe in a highly structured school culture as we understand that clear systems foster a discipline within school that provides students a calm and nurturing environment in which to thrive.


Servant Leadership: We will ensure our students do not just have the academic abilities to succeed in college, but also the commitment to positively engage with the community through service. In order to excel and serve as a leader, our students must be able to understand complex social justice issues impacting our local, national, and international communities and advocate with and for others. Throughout the week we will dedicate a portion of our time to analyzing our community and understanding how we can serve as leaders to spearhead change within our community.


Partnership with Parents: To ensure our students as well as their families are invested in our mission and vision, we must work strategically with both to be certain they understand and drive towards our mission. From home visits before school begins, to parent orientation nights, to family conferences each quarter, we are committed to frequent communication with families. We ensure parents, students, and administration understand what it will require to ensure each student is successful.

Focus on Critical Analysis: With the continually changing professional career landscape, Perseverance Preparatory School must prepare students to excel in careers which currently do not exist. It is our responsibility to equip students with a love for learning as well as a tool belt of keen analytical skills so they are able to navigate high school, college, and their professional careers successfully. 

Growing Excellent Teachers: In order to ensure their academic success, our students will need a team of highly qualified teachers who are able to both remediate and accelerate student learning to ensure they are able to read at or above grade level by the end of grade eight. Students leaving middle school without proper preparation are less likely to be college ready by the time they leave high school. In order to support our students and the results we hope to achieve, each teacher will have an instructional coach who will observe them in the classroom weekly allowing for immediate growth and improvement.

Personalized Learning: Each student at Perseverance Prep will be different from the next, and therefore, will have different academic challenges that they individually face. To ensure we are growing every scholar every day, we must intentionally set aside time to have them work on their individual goals, through computer based programs. Allowing students to go at their own pace on adaptive learning programs allows the teacher to focus on small group and individualized instruction for a targeted group of students.

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